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Watch: Star Trek: Discovery VFX Supervisor Talks 32nd Century Starfleet And Honoring A Classic Ship – TrekMovie

Watch: Star Trek: Discovery VFX Supervisor Talks 32nd Century Starfleet And Honoring A Classic Ship – TrekMovie

What has fans buzzing most about this week’s episode of Star Trek: Discovery is finally getting a good look at Starfleet in the 32nd century. In a new video released today by CBS (originally shown on The Ready Room aftershow), visual effects supervisor Jason Zimmerman talks about what went into that scene. We have that video and a closer look at some of the Starfleet ships, including some homages to Star Trek: Voyager and Deep Space Nine.

Creating new Starfleet is terrifying honor

Speaking to Wil Wheaton, Jason Zimmerman gave full credit to the art department, production design, and show executives when it came to putting together the sequence introducing the 32nd century Starfleet HQ and ships. He also talked about how putting together the sequence, and how a certain ship was a “scary” challenge:

This is new canon and it’s not just new canon, it’s going to be one of the most beloved things. It’s Federation headquarters. The fans are going to be rabid to see what this looks like. And they are going to be very, very scrutinizing about how that looks. It’s been a great honor to be able to do something on that magnitude for Star Trek. The Federation headquarters, the look of it, the Voyager. Any time something canon comes up when we are doing it, whether it was the Enterprise in season one or now the Voyager, it’s an honor. it’s also terrifying because it is something that belongs to canon. But to do the Voyager now… outside of the timeline we have seen before, man it is scary. All you want to do is make sure every fan that sees it says, “Oh my god, it’s Voyager.”

Watch it…

A closer look at the USS Voyager-J and USS Nog

There was a lot to look at during the introduction to Starfleet sequence, but two items stand out. As Zimmerman noted, the update to the USS Voyager from the show Star Trek: Voyager was pointed out by characters on the show.

While not mentioned by the characters, the Discovery also passed by a new style ship called the USS Nog (NCC-325070). Presumably, the ship was named for the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine character Nog, the first Ferengi in Starfleet. This is a nice tribute to Nog actor Aron Eisenberg who passed away last year.

More 32nd century Starfleet

Here is a wide shot of the fleet.

And there was some speculation by the Disco crew that this was a new large Constitution-class (like the original USS Enterprise).

There was also a new scout-type vessel.

And also what Tilly referred to as a “flying rainforest.”

Finally, a closer look at Federation/Starfleet HQ.

More from cast and crew on new Federation

A new “Moments of Discovery” with co-showrunner Michelle Paradise and some of the cast talking about the new Federation,

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